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Regal Home Watch The safety, security and preservation of your home is our first priority. We are committed to this… regardless of the circumstance. Our goal is to enhance the experience you will have in your beautiful home  both while you are in it, and while your away. We offer many services that will provide you with a safe, secure and properly maintained home.  Services that free your time from the rigors of caring for your home.

Weekly Security and Operations Our weekly inspections provide systematic controls of the home that significantly reduce usage costs, and prevent costly repairs. We believe it is also vital to, “show presence” consistently and on an irregular schedule to discourage potential trespassing and break-ins.

Storm Services …While you’re away, your home’s okay… your  “Peace of Mind” during severe weather is our pride and joy. As a client, your home will have “Top Priority” before and after a storm.  You will be contacted and kept abreast of current conditions daily during Hurricanes and Tropical Storms.  Availability to prepare your home for any Hurricane or Tropical Storm is Guaranteed up to 2 days before landfall.  We shall return to assess the condition of your home, provide a complete report, and course of action immediately after the storm.

Concierge – To make your stay as comfortable as possible and eliminate chores of ownership we are at your beckon call, to pick you up from the airport, or to stock your pantry and fridge.  We run all sorts of errands and hand wash vehicles. We perform  light handyman work, lawn care and cleaning services.

…We go out of the way, to free up your day…

Open and Close – After being dormant your home will be returned to operating temperatures and conditions. Upon your departure, we will clean it and restore it to a safe, efficient and inactive  environment.

Contractor Monitoring – Plan your next home project with the contractors of your choice and enjoy confidence that someone will be your eyes at every stage of that project, before, during and after the project to ensure your satisfaction.  We will also, open and secure the home while the work is being done. Monitoring and photographing the quality of workmanship being performed while its performed can eliminate problems later.

Videography, Digital StillsOne of the many ways we stand alone in this industry is our capabilities to record whats actually happening, while its happening.  As a new client you will have the option to have a “Video Inventory”, of the entire home and all of its assets.  This is especially benificial for your homeowners policy in the event of storm damages or theft.  All our inspections are shot with high resolution digital photo stills, and uploaded to your secured web page for your viewing.  We claim to be the first in the industry to offer such an invaluable service.

WWW.RegalHomeWatch.com –  We also understand the value and need for convenience. Your Personal Password Protected Web Page, allows you to view digital photos of the most current conditions of your home.

Excellent Service, Quality Workmanship, Knowledgeable Inspectors, Convenience and a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee are the reasons to choose Regal Home Watch.




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